Black Queer Lives Matter ATX

BQLM ATX is a queer-lead organization of people working together to amplify the the voices of the Black Queer Community and help create a lasting change in Austin, Texas. We work together to create peaceful spaces and events that make all members of the community feel welcome to come listen as our fellow humans bring us their stories, share their struggles, and discuss ideas for change.


In the wake of the recent events surrounding the murder of George Floyd and the word wide Black Lives Matter movement, it has come to the attention of many queer people of color that homophobia, discrimination, and non-inclusion lingers about the heterosexual community. This is disheartening to black queer people because although our people march and chant “Black Lives Matter”, not all black lives are being included. We say NO MORE! We will not be silenced, cast aside, or intimidated. We will lift our voices in unity, peace, and togetherness along our siblings and allies.

What we've done

With the help of our community and partnership with other local organizations, we have had two successful Peace Rallies and heard from the voices of our Black Queer family. We have joined forces with Austin Black Pride and Austin LGBT for Black Lives to provide an entire weekend of queer action against racism, homophobia, and transphobia! We realize our fight does not end here and the road to navigating this movement in the midst of a pandemic is not easy. Despite the challenge, we are committed to fighting for all Black lives for the long-term!